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Your intuition is the most powerful spiritual tool you have. It helps you navigate the challenges and decisions you face every day. What if there were a tool that helped you tune in to your intuition immediately? What if there were a book that helped you understand the psychic energies at play in your world right now? With The Book of Guidance, Bill Bowers has created exactly that.

How to Use The Book of Guidance

Whether it’s a question about relationships, career, spiritual growth, or any other area of life, The Book of Guidance helps you listen to your own inner voice. Simply hold the book, go within, and ask whatever’s on your mind. Then open “at random” and find the answer! Your intuition guides you to the right page, offering clarity and support in any situation. The Book of Guidance is always with you on your day to day path. It works!


What People are Saying


“The Book of Guidance gives you the ability to get the answers you need in the moment. I found it easy to use, rewarding and gratifying. It can provide you with peace of mind and timely answers. This empowering book will give you something to smile about—it did for me!”

—Peggy Rometo, author of The Little Book of Big Promises and Genius Intuition


“Bill Bowers has put together a wonderful book full of priceless reminders of how to live a happier, better life. I highly recommend this book to everyone. It can give you just the answer you need, when you need it!”

—Robert Lee Camp, author of Love Cards and Cards of Your Destiny


“As a modern day Mystic, Bill Bowers is the real thing. Through the use of his many gifts, he has often illuminated my path and I have seen him help others to fly. He has significantly changed the lives of individuals and at times moved an entire room full of people with laughter and tears to a higher place.”

—Blake Walton, NYC Writer & Actor


“I have had the privilege of knowing Bill Bowers, both personally and professionally, for almost a decade. Throughout the years, I have watched him grow and develop himself as one of the most gifted counselors I know. If you are seeking spiritual guidance or are interested in the world of phenomena, you owe it to yourself to use this book daily.”

—Toni Toney, creator of The ​Ecotarian​ Revolution​


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