Spiritual Consulting Sessions.

Your appointment can be either in my office or on the phone. Including your intial intake, problem solving and goal setting I  use the combined methods ( see Healing Methods page) of dowsing & software frequencies, intuitive readings, tarot for a detailed strategy. Then doing research on your issues we find out hidden causes.  One time issue clearings or monthly subscriptions for targeting goals and maintaining  your life.  No matter where you live I can assist you around the clock.

One hour session $200-        Half hour session  $100-



Special Events &  Workshop Circles


Evening With Spirit

LifeDance- music & motion

Circle For Authentic Living

Pendulum / Dowsing  Intro Workshop


Virtual Energy Clearing & Enhancing Anywhere You Live  

  • Issue Solving
  • Emotional Challenges
  • Relationships
  • Sleep & Relaxation
  • Virtual Herbals
  • Supplement Dispenser
  • Aura Scanner
  • Mediation
  • Super Charge Items
  • Virtual Qi Gong
  • Virtual Acupuncture
  • Mental Enhancements
  • Attract People, Events Signals

My natural intuitive gifts, combined with years of careful training and a desire to serve humanity, rank my dowsing services among the most effective anywhere.

Click here to see some real-life examples.

Contact me for assessments on any issue you have. After a short conversation via phone or e-mail, we can create a plan that is custom-tailored to your situation. People from all walks of life have hired me to be of assistance, with inspired results!
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