Healing Methods


The Methods Used For Virtual & Long Distance Support

All consultations are non-denominational and friendly to all spiritual beliefs. In a reading, we enter a sacred space together to access wisdom and information directly from Spirit or Source. Your situation will often have hidden challenges and blocks, involving aspects of life that may seem unrelated at first. Readings are a process of discovering the energetic signature of your situation. To accomplish this, I use a combination of four techniques, depending on the situation.

The Guidance of Dowsing

Most people think of dowsing in the old tradition of a farmer using a wishbone shaped stick to find water underground. While that’s true, dowsing has a multitude of applications. It is the tecnhique of assessing energy challenges or blocks and manipulating the frequencies, on multiple planes, to effect positive change. The pendulum of choice  spins counter clockwise over a graph or chart to dissolve negative issues, then spins clockwise to enhance the former negative charge to a corrective influence.

Any situation can be altered for the highest good, including: Real estate, emotional balancing, bodies of water, negative thinking habits, and many other hidden issues affecting a problem. Dowsing clears energy in both inanimate objects and living things. Energy cannot be destroyed but it can be neutralized and made positive when we ask the right questions. This is truly a mystical tool that affects our 3D world.


 The Guidance of Intuition

Mediumship, or communicating with disembodied spirits, has been a controversial yet worldwide practice for many centuries. There are “logical” minds who are skeptical and do not believe this is possible, yet hundreds of thousands of people go to great lengths to contact dead relatives and loved ones, seeking comfort, connection and closure. It sounds hoakie until you realy experience the communication.

For years I did not believe mediumship was possible – until I met my mentor, Peggy Rometo. She saw a young woman behind me who had passed away and was very sad, and wanted to communicate with me. I told her my mother Terry died at age 23 when I was four years old. Peggy told me things no stranger could know – even the color of the dress in which my mother was laid to rest. From that experience the doors swung open for me to hear, see, feel and know information from the other side of the veil.


 The Guidance of Frequency Services


Personal Frequency Services are systems I and my team have synergized for the most accurate assessments and findings out there. Ignorance is never bliss but knowledge is.  What I can not find,  I research or enlist the skills and talents of associates and others I seek in the field of endeavors. When scanned and measured as to an issues’ vibrating outwardly, we can catch it like a radio signal and analyze the results. In addition, the “way cool ” discovery is we can adjust  and balance the pattern of form for a benevolent outcome.




 The Guidance of Tarot

Tarot is a form of divination (a tool for accessing information from Spirit), that has been in use since the 15th century. There are many different types of Tarot, but the typical deck has 78 cards.

The world famous psychologist Carl Jung studied Tarot and felt that its archetypal imagery was useful in illuminating the subconscious mind.

Tarot cards align themselves with the energetic imprint of the client’s situation. If the practitioner has a strong relationship with the cards and is skillful in receiving their psychic messages, the wisdom and information obtained about a specific situation is profound.

Tarot card

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