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Original artwork by Bill Bowers
Original artwork by Bill BowersLet me help you on your path.





To set up an appointment or free diagnostic, e-mail Bill directly at or call 828-216-9039If sending an e-mail, please include your name, location, a brief description of what you hope to achieve, and your preferred date and time for the appointment.What you can askAsk anything, on behalf of yourself or someone else. Address challenges in the areas of relationships, career, health concerns (mental, physical or spiritual), or anything else that may be important to you. Contacting loved ones on the other side is also possible.

Preparing for the reading

Center yourself and tune into the questions you have, and make yourself as receptive as possible to guidance from Spirit. Also, try and abstain from drugs and alcohol the day of the reading, as this will allow for more clarity.


Private readings (telephone or in-person) are $100.00 per half hour or $200.00 per hour

A sliding scale can be arranged, and are priced according to the scope & detail of the work.

Group readings are priced according to the nature of the event. More about Group readings >

Payment accepted through PayPal

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