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Through personal challenges and tragedies at a very early age I sought answers of life’s injustices and suffering through religion and God. During those years, I found  fundamental religion to be helpful for community and a sense purpose but also not enough to answer important life questions. pure spiritual advancement and personal growth was supressed and conformity church rules became prominent. Conformity and loyalty to the church and tradition was held as paramount over everything else.

After 28 years of bible study in 2 fundamental Christian religions I felt disillusioned and burned out and “mad at God for letting religion misrepresent him.” I needed to grow spiritually but felt a sense of futility. On June 7th of 2000 I met my mentor Peggy Rometo who introduced herself and started an impromptu reading. Two days later I had my first session with her and opened the experience of direct dialogue to the non-physical, and to more advanced energies of intuition within myself. It was always in me . It’s also in you. What I experienced was remarkable! My 26 years as a Christian pastoral counselor and my 18 years as a professional artist had primed me for this.

My comprehension of multi – dimensional communication was rapid, and once the door was fully open,
I could now reconcile science with simple religious precepts and pure intuition. I could also change and improve my old opinions and grow.  Listening to the voice within and all its many channels, I  began to audibly hear them much louder and clearer.

Now I use those energies to help people.  In very short time, my clients are tapping into their own inherent psychic guidance which has been with them since birth.







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