Greater Joy
I’ve always had a fear of the unknown even though I grew up in a very religious family. I have sought out Mediums over the years, but nothing really convinced me until I met Bill. He mentioned things in the reading that were so personal and specific that I was blown away…it was a life changing and spiritually enhancing experience that has dissolved my fear and given me great joy! I no longer fear death, and look forward to one day being reunited with my loved ones.L. Holmes, Floridan1472360767_3839
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Personal Evolution
Bill Bowers’ work as an intuitive guide and seer has strongly influenced my own perceptions of what it means to actively travel a spiritual path, while healing me in powerful and unexpected ways. His keen awareness illuminated areas of my life that seemed impossible to access or anticipate on my own. More than once, his insights have literally taken my breath away – unfolding before my eyes to become what might be called ‘transformational reality.’ I am incredibly grateful for Bill’s grace, wisdom, and compassion.Robert J. Barnhill, RPh CRP
Holistic Healing & Wellness Education
Asheville, NC
Business DecisionsI went to Bill with questions about a shop I hope to open, and I didn’t tell him anything about it. First he said my left arm was tense from holding the phone with my arm in the air instead of resting on the desk, and asked me to reposition myself so I could relax. Then he identified my shop as a “bookstore of some kind” and said, “It’s different because the books are coming to you instead of you going out after them – and they’re specialty books.” He was spot on – I’m planning to sell books that are autographed and sent to me on consignment by the authors themselves. He also described the area where I plan to open the shop, a quaint historical town near Dallas. I was amazed! M.G. Waxahachie, Texas
Loved Ones on the Other Side My ex, who I hadn’t seen in six years, had passed away two days before. In conversation I asked Bill a question about having felt her presence around me, and he began to do a reading that lasted over two hours. There is no doubt in my mind that it was my ex coming through; Bill was able to imitate her facial expressions and body language and duplicate her vocal inflections better than anyone who had known her would have been able to. There were several messages that he relayed that were direct, and were things I could confirm that neither Bill or our mutual friend could have known.

L.M., Port Richie, Florida

Breaking Old Patterns Working with Bill and learning to develop intuitive skills have helped my practice. I’m able to help my clients break through traumatic thinking patterns and blocks. I have also benefited greatly in my own personal development.  Dr. H., Psychologist
Genuine InterestBill Bowers has amazing psychic talents! He is phenomenally accurate and has truly been a Godsend to me and my loved ones. He has genuine compassion and interest in human beings. You can speak to him about anything – be prepared for a reading of a lifetime! A. M. Austin, Texas


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