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I have known Bill Bowers since 1998.   Around the year 2001, when Bill had begun to come into his own with his  psychic abilities, I had a visit with him.

As a little background information,  I had lost my only brother Carl,  in the Vietnam war in 1968 and one of my            wishes had been to meet some of the people who served with him over there and who would have been with him        when he died.

My wish had come true as someone in England named David, who I had never met before, was doing his family tree and he had the same surname as I did.   David came to American in 1998 to learn about the man who had the same surname as he, whose name was on the Vietnam Veterans Wall memorial in Washington DC.  David did       a lot of research to learn about Carl and he met many of the men who knew him.   When David got my contact  information in early 2001, he contacted me and wanted to meet.
I met with Bill because I was going to fly to Kansas in August 2001 to meet this man and the many men who served with Carl in Vietnam at their reunion.    I can still remember clearly how Bill sat with me in his living room and he focused in on someone I would meet. He said this man was “dead, but not dead.”


He saw him in a body bag with a toe tag and the name he was picking up was something “French” sounding.    I didn’t think too much about what Bill had said until just last month, February 19, 2016,  when my son and I drove to Washington DC for a large memorial being held at the Vietnam Veterans Wall with many of the men who served with Carl being there to honor those who died.

While at a group dinner held the evening before the ceremony, my son and I had the opportunity to meet two of the three medics who were there when Carl died.    I asked them if I could pose a question that may sound very strange to them and was told I certainly could.   I relayed to them what I had been told by Bill many years before and it got very quiet around that table!

The Battalion Surgeon said, yes, that after the firefight, under cover of darkness when they went to retrieve the bodies of my brother and the 7 others who died with him, they had collected the body of “Sgt. C.” and they had put him in a body bag.   When the helicopter took the deceased to the morgue at the base, a corpsman thought he saw some movement in the body bag, so Doc went over and opened it and found that Sgt. C was indeed still alive.

He did surgical work on him and although it was touch and go, Sgt. C made a full recovery.   His last name is definitely French sounding, but because I haven’t asked his permission to give out his information, it is out of respect for him that I am not saying his last name.    If I recall correctly, I heard that Sgt. C had told Doc that he was watching all this from above as he was being worked on also!!!!

Like Bill said, “dead, but not dead”.   Some of the men who were there said they got the chills hearing my relating this to them.
Also, even though Sgt. C has a French sounding last name, there was another man I met at this reunion who had been there in Vietnam and who was injured at the same time said Sgt C was also known as “Frenchy”.  There have been many incidences of Bill’s capabilities of obtaining psychic information.


Written by Pam Rattee Kudriaszow

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