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From the beginning of all life, vibrating energy was set it motion.  We have countless vantage points and theories as to how life began.   Somehow from the power plant of all existence energy spiraled out into the void to agitate and initiate a three dimensional world of density, form and function.  What we see and take for granted daily is the solid density of our physical world and because of what’s in front of us, we forget that all life is vibrating particles of matter.

For centuries civilizations have tried to harness, explain and direct the meaning of energy and it’s billions of uses. Regardless of the personal , symbolic or spiritual story we attach to this phenomenon we can look at the scientific data collected to justify how energy works but logical and deductive thinking is not enough if it does not include the unknowable and Divine Mystery of the Source of Life.

This is the Science & Source of Dowsing.

Everything is moving.   Right now, this minute, you are racing through space at a nearly unimaginable speed.The earth constantly rotates on its axis at 1,0037 miles per hour. It orbits around the sun at 67, 000 mph. Further, the solar system whips around the galaxy at more than 420,000 mph.   People in general think of dowsing as someone holding a rod over land to discover bodies of water underground. That is true but the term dowsing is morphing into a description of using tools of any kind that can scan , measure clear and enhance any given project for optimal flow and function. Dowsing is the same energy known as Holy Spirit, Qi, Life Force and consists of electro-magnetic fields. Still the origination of all life and energy is of a divine mystery that can only be observed rather than explain. So our conscious minds have to inherently know with our natural intuition that the practice and use of dowsing is both right brain and left brain activity.

We here at LightSource Dowsing want to introduce you to the tools and products that help you to have a personal experience of dowsing yourself to see how easily energy can be accessed and moved to make life easier and with less unnecessary trauma. We can clear and then enhance any given situation. Health issues, emotional challenges, in animate objects, financial blocks and group projects. Even a person’s honesty and perception can be cleaned up for the highest good.


Primarily we want every one in the world to experience the power of dowsing and to experience how simply it can clear up what’s not working and aid in enhancing what can work and benefit your daily life. Using a pendulum and holding it over a measuring chart is much like a self -help energy clearing.

You don’t really need to know exactly how dowsing works any more than you need to know the name of every software part housed in your computer. The important thing is that it works. Let Light Source Dowsing teach you how to dowse or let us go to work for you and clear blocks in your world. It doesn’t stop there. Let us enhance the life issues you want in your life to be magnified.

In November I asked Bill to help me clear energies
around the sale of property. I sent him pictures and
a letter declaring my intention. Bill cleared old energies on the property and
everyone connected to the property. Within a week I had a buyer and
within two weeks the transition was completed. This property had been for
sale on and off for a year.
Over the last few years Bill cleared and helped me sell several properties
that had difficult issues. I highly recommend his services, it will make things flow
deborah hellman
Deborah Hellman
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