Dowsing Helps Regain Self Confidence

 Posted by on February 16, 2016
Feb 162016


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Do you have much to be proud of?   How special are you? Can you answer that as quick as if  someone asked you for the time of day? Why, in your mind, do we so freely list the reasons why self doubt leads the narrative of missing  the mark?  Inadequacy and insufficiency have been emotional wood stains that have penetrated our natural color of genius by the fixed standard norms of mainstream lack of consciousness.

Get used to carrying a small pendulum with you. Spin it counter clock wise and intend to neutralize the spirit of self doubt, self hate and self sabotage.  When it has been made neutral spin your pendulum clockwise and invoke the original soul and spirit you came into this life with . Let the pendulum wind down it’s spin until it stops.

You will feel a shift in perception almost immediately and if not you will see a difference within a few hours. Repeat the process when needed. If you find yourself yawning while you spin the pendulum, know that its proof that you are moving the frequencies.




Prepare to feel your more confident self re-emerge. Everything is a vibe and everything has a feeling.  Using the mystical principals of taking control of your life with unseen energies and influence your own mind set for a better out look and self confidence.When you do it  properly, it really gives you Life Mastery of the day!

Have fun with it and keep it light. This is not the time in your life to be discouraged.It is a time to experience the ability to create your world deliberately with vibration and dowsing  frequency skills worth  learning.

LightSource Dowsing is a new path to liberation.

Dowsing can be used in secret to influence personal and public change.




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