Learn to Compromise

 Posted by on February 6, 2016
Feb 062016




Nobody ever obeys and complies with exactly what somebody else wants.  There is always a need to  compromise or adjust.  We must put up with them if we want to get back what we want. .  The dance of litigation for rights and privileges begins.  There is nothing wrong here. It’s just the way we all survive in a less-than-perfect world. Lately,  if you have had to adjust to a development in your personal life that has hardly matched your highest hopes, ask yourself, “Just how important is it to “win?  ”    Can  you win the war and feel victorious if most of the soldiers are wounded or dead?   The reward for handling conflict as gracefully as you can might evolve your emotional perspective on a lot of topics. You could find your self breezing right through speed traps while others are getting stuck and fined. Learn to compromise or learn again.

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