Dowsing Long Distance For Families

 Posted by on January 27, 2016
Jan 272016



A client that lives in on the west coast just shared with me how well his family is doing regarding arguments and problem solving in the home. When you have teenagers who deal with so many internal issues with self identity and peer pressures and when both parents work and come home exhausted its difficult not to dine on the table of over reacting and fighting, stress, loss of sleep.

I put the entire family on a frequency signal dowsing formula that works on each person’s subconscious while they sleep. During the day I work long distance on their body balance and send virtual frequencies of super green foods and emotional balancing. Add ultra psychic protection signals and self confidence boost frequencies and we end up with a family that can clear mindedly deal with the problems and talk them down to a size they can handle.

Creative solutions come from deep inside the whole families Source Connection! Love this work ! Contact me for long distance energy clearing and balancing assessments.

Frequency signals travel very much like a cell phone signal and reaches its target or destination on command.   With the skills of a professional mystic , dowser,and intuitive a custom designer stress relief is formed so that the holistic mind and body healing can do its job. That is the healing in you. The same healing that repairs the body and spirit of a  human being is the same life force we are born with.   Dowsing clears the negative and enhances the healing without any side effects ever. – BB


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