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I have known Bill Bowers since 1998.   Around the year 2001, when Bill had begun to come into his own with his  psychic abilities, I had a visit with him.

As a little background information,  I had lost my only brother Carl,  in the Vietnam war in 1968 and one of my            wishes had been to meet some of the people who served with him over there and who would have been with him        when he died.

My wish had come true as someone in England named David, who I had never met before, was doing his family tree and he had the same surname as I did.   David came to American in 1998 to learn about the man who had the same surname as he, whose name was on the Vietnam Veterans Wall memorial in Washington DC.  David did       a lot of research to learn about Carl and he met many of the men who knew him.   When David got my contact  information in early 2001, he contacted me and wanted to meet.
I met with Bill because I was going to fly to Kansas in August 2001 to meet this man and the many men who served with Carl in Vietnam at their reunion.    I can still remember clearly how Bill sat with me in his living room and he focused in on someone I would meet. He said this man was “dead, but not dead.”


He saw him in a body bag with a toe tag and the name he was picking up was something “French” sounding.    I didn’t think too much about what Bill had said until just last month, February 19, 2016,  when my son and I drove to Washington DC for a large memorial being held at the Vietnam Veterans Wall with many of the men who served with Carl being there to honor those who died.

While at a group dinner held the evening before the ceremony, my son and I had the opportunity to meet two of the three medics who were there when Carl died.    I asked them if I could pose a question that may sound very strange to them and was told I certainly could.   I relayed to them what I had been told by Bill many years before and it got very quiet around that table!

The Battalion Surgeon said, yes, that after the firefight, under cover of darkness when they went to retrieve the bodies of my brother and the 7 others who died with him, they had collected the body of “Sgt. C.” and they had put him in a body bag.   When the helicopter took the deceased to the morgue at the base, a corpsman thought he saw some movement in the body bag, so Doc went over and opened it and found that Sgt. C was indeed still alive.

He did surgical work on him and although it was touch and go, Sgt. C made a full recovery.   His last name is definitely French sounding, but because I haven’t asked his permission to give out his information, it is out of respect for him that I am not saying his last name.    If I recall correctly, I heard that Sgt. C had told Doc that he was watching all this from above as he was being worked on also!!!!

Like Bill said, “dead, but not dead”.   Some of the men who were there said they got the chills hearing my relating this to them.
Also, even though Sgt. C has a French sounding last name, there was another man I met at this reunion who had been there in Vietnam and who was injured at the same time said Sgt C was also known as “Frenchy”.  There have been many incidences of Bill’s capabilities of obtaining psychic information.


Written by Pam Rattee Kudriaszow


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From the beginning of all life, vibrating energy was set it motion.  We have countless vantage points and theories as to how life began.   Somehow from the power plant of all existence energy spiraled out into the void to agitate and initiate a three dimensional world of density, form and function.  What we see and take for granted daily is the solid density of our physical world and because of what’s in front of us, we forget that all life is vibrating particles of matter.

For centuries civilizations have tried to harness, explain and direct the meaning of energy and it’s billions of uses. Regardless of the personal , symbolic or spiritual story we attach to this phenomenon we can look at the scientific data collected to justify how energy works but logical and deductive thinking is not enough if it does not include the unknowable and Divine Mystery of the Source of Life.

This is the Science & Source of Dowsing.

Everything is moving.   Right now, this minute, you are racing through space at a nearly unimaginable speed.The earth constantly rotates on its axis at 1,0037 miles per hour. It orbits around the sun at 67, 000 mph. Further, the solar system whips around the galaxy at more than 420,000 mph.   People in general think of dowsing as someone holding a rod over land to discover bodies of water underground. That is true but the term dowsing is morphing into a description of using tools of any kind that can scan , measure clear and enhance any given project for optimal flow and function. Dowsing is the same energy known as Holy Spirit, Qi, Life Force and consists of electro-magnetic fields. Still the origination of all life and energy is of a divine mystery that can only be observed rather than explain. So our conscious minds have to inherently know with our natural intuition that the practice and use of dowsing is both right brain and left brain activity.

We here at LightSource Dowsing want to introduce you to the tools and products that help you to have a personal experience of dowsing yourself to see how easily energy can be accessed and moved to make life easier and with less unnecessary trauma. We can clear and then enhance any given situation. Health issues, emotional challenges, in animate objects, financial blocks and group projects. Even a person’s honesty and perception can be cleaned up for the highest good.


Primarily we want every one in the world to experience the power of dowsing and to experience how simply it can clear up what’s not working and aid in enhancing what can work and benefit your daily life. Using a pendulum and holding it over a measuring chart is much like a self -help energy clearing.

You don’t really need to know exactly how dowsing works any more than you need to know the name of every software part housed in your computer. The important thing is that it works. Let Light Source Dowsing teach you how to dowse or let us go to work for you and clear blocks in your world. It doesn’t stop there. Let us enhance the life issues you want in your life to be magnified.

In November I asked Bill to help me clear energies
around the sale of property. I sent him pictures and
a letter declaring my intention. Bill cleared old energies on the property and
everyone connected to the property. Within a week I had a buyer and
within two weeks the transition was completed. This property had been for
sale on and off for a year.
Over the last few years Bill cleared and helped me sell several properties
that had difficult issues. I highly recommend his services, it will make things flow
deborah hellman
Deborah Hellman

Dowsing Helps Regain Self Confidence

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Do you have much to be proud of?   How special are you? Can you answer that as quick as if  someone asked you for the time of day? Why, in your mind, do we so freely list the reasons why self doubt leads the narrative of missing  the mark?  Inadequacy and insufficiency have been emotional wood stains that have penetrated our natural color of genius by the fixed standard norms of mainstream lack of consciousness.

Get used to carrying a small pendulum with you. Spin it counter clock wise and intend to neutralize the spirit of self doubt, self hate and self sabotage.  When it has been made neutral spin your pendulum clockwise and invoke the original soul and spirit you came into this life with . Let the pendulum wind down it’s spin until it stops.

You will feel a shift in perception almost immediately and if not you will see a difference within a few hours. Repeat the process when needed. If you find yourself yawning while you spin the pendulum, know that its proof that you are moving the frequencies.




Prepare to feel your more confident self re-emerge. Everything is a vibe and everything has a feeling.  Using the mystical principals of taking control of your life with unseen energies and influence your own mind set for a better out look and self confidence.When you do it  properly, it really gives you Life Mastery of the day!

Have fun with it and keep it light. This is not the time in your life to be discouraged.It is a time to experience the ability to create your world deliberately with vibration and dowsing  frequency skills worth  learning.

LightSource Dowsing is a new path to liberation.

Dowsing can be used in secret to influence personal and public change.




Learn to Compromise

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Nobody ever obeys and complies with exactly what somebody else wants.  There is always a need to  compromise or adjust.  We must put up with them if we want to get back what we want. .  The dance of litigation for rights and privileges begins.  There is nothing wrong here. It’s just the way we all survive in a less-than-perfect world. Lately,  if you have had to adjust to a development in your personal life that has hardly matched your highest hopes, ask yourself, “Just how important is it to “win?  ”    Can  you win the war and feel victorious if most of the soldiers are wounded or dead?   The reward for handling conflict as gracefully as you can might evolve your emotional perspective on a lot of topics. You could find your self breezing right through speed traps while others are getting stuck and fined. Learn to compromise or learn again.

Dowsing Long Distance For Families

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A client that lives in on the west coast just shared with me how well his family is doing regarding arguments and problem solving in the home. When you have teenagers who deal with so many internal issues with self identity and peer pressures and when both parents work and come home exhausted its difficult not to dine on the table of over reacting and fighting, stress, loss of sleep.

I put the entire family on a frequency signal dowsing formula that works on each person’s subconscious while they sleep. During the day I work long distance on their body balance and send virtual frequencies of super green foods and emotional balancing. Add ultra psychic protection signals and self confidence boost frequencies and we end up with a family that can clear mindedly deal with the problems and talk them down to a size they can handle.

Creative solutions come from deep inside the whole families Source Connection! Love this work ! Contact me for long distance energy clearing and balancing assessments.

Frequency signals travel very much like a cell phone signal and reaches its target or destination on command.   With the skills of a professional mystic , dowser,and intuitive a custom designer stress relief is formed so that the holistic mind and body healing can do its job. That is the healing in you. The same healing that repairs the body and spirit of a  human being is the same life force we are born with.   Dowsing clears the negative and enhances the healing without any side effects ever. – BB



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Is life about the pursuit of health and happiness?  How much of that has to do with the pursuit of wealth?

The idea remains in many a mind but something is off about the paper dollar model of success and achievement. Humanity is still evolving.  Money is not the true resource, people are!  It is people who do the work, create the products and care for the earth.  But we have not yet reached the peak of our potential or become as wise as we will one day be.

When we finally grow out of our infancy, we may decide to leave contrived matters like money far behind us.  There is more going on in our lives than all that shallow stuff.  Be proud of your ability to be creative in sharing your skills, resources and ideas that benefit yourself and other to make all current challenges win-win.  Do it combining hope and trust that solutions will show up and bloom. It has to start internally in what you consider abundance.

No one gets rewarded for freaking out.  We do gets results by hope, trust and courage. Soon we will no longer work for money but as a species we will globally work to better ourselves. In the meantime, use money consciously as a secondary tool not your life’s pathway to abundance. This model has fallen apart. A new one is being constructed.

“M.O.N.E.Y =  My Own Natural Energy Yield “- The Book of Guidance


Let your heartfelt desire be the goal of you being an asset on this planet.

Let the abundance you seek pour out of you from the flow of your heart.

Give Thanks For Conflicts & Resolutions

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Nov 252015

What ever is pushing your buttons and causing you anger is a gift. You know this. The greater the intolerant uncomfortable feeling that causes you ( us) to react, lash out, wall up and retreat really, really wants you to dissolve it to be released so you can go on with your life in a accelerated self empowerment.

The whole secret to life mastery is this internal challenge of facing emotional knots. People walk crippled and unhappy for  years with so much prolonged pain. What keeps it going is a lot of media and commercial “fixes” that take us even further away from the organic solution. That solution is relaxing the defenses and habitual practice of protecting yourself and reaction.

Have you ever had a muscle lock up from an injury or when receiving a massage found a tight locked up muscle causing your whole body to tense up?   One small muscle knot can affect your spine’s alignment. Your hip can have you walk heavily on one side.

We tend to “favor” the wound and refrain from too much pressure. Emotionally we do the same. A traditional system of defenses and custom believes then keeps us captive.

In dowsing and pendulum work I have found the job of liberating myself and others dissipates this ego made captivity in record time.  Using my pendulum I can find out what the root cause of reaction comes from. Next I can measure what degree/ percentage  it is blocked. Anyone can do this. Its so simple.  Spinning the pendulum counter clock wise to neutralize the % of blockage is like massaging a tight knot in your neck or shoulder. The juice of your intention and the spin of the energy with the pendulum is like a muscle ” relaxer”. When the pendulum winds down the issue is made neutral. You can actually feel it simmer down.  It may take a number of times to really clear it but it does dissolve. It has to when you are taking charge of saying no to being a victim.

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Next your spin the pendulum clock wise and intent to replace that which was negative by enhancing the qualities and mind set of resolution. If it was” feeling attacked by others” 70 % negative charge. It will now be neutralized to 0. Then you can raise the energy to anything  you want. The spirit of understanding, of being heard, of being confident and not wounded. and raise it up to 100% positive etc, This becomes your reality and you will not attract similar experiences because it will be a non issue. Confront the issue in a pragmatic matter of fact attitude. It loses power.

The conflicts that keep coming up for you are asking , like a teenager acting out with negative behavior for attention, for your help.  Suffer the pain of fear and uncomfortable reactions to conflict with the goal of why it bothers you. The bigger the problem the greater the liberation !   Stuffing your issues down in protection will make it grow. It will be chronic because you are not dealing with it.   The minute you tell on yourself and admit its your problem you take away its control and power. It feels so good! Resolve your conflict quicker by knowing all it wants to be resolved. This is the truth and the gift.

“Letting go means to detach from anything good or bad that knocks you off center.”- The Book of Guidance


Dowsing For Children

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Nov 052015

Kaleb 7 Years OLD ANAYA 

“We have witnessed real and sustained shifts for the better in our seven year old son’s behavior and overall well being thanks to Bill’s Virtual Energy Clearing Systems and loving guidance. I feel like I have my son back son back and am so grateful.” –  Sarah J.

Dowsing and pendulum work on a severe cases of a young children is amazing work. I could work on young people all of the time.   They are so easy to help .

Some children come in with all kind of attachments on their psyche and it can manifest in health issues. Anger and aggression, nightmares , stomach cramps terror and the opposite side of being able to drop everything and play in a red hot minute  shows me how pliable and ready to love and be happy children can personify.

It’s been said at 5 years old a child’s emotional foundation and pattern is established.  At age 7, their intellectual propensity is being formed and locked in as a foundation.

Pendulum work shows me the origin of the cause  of children’s suffering and often it is both dietary, spiritual interference , acting out, etc.   Children can end up processing the foibles and unresolved conflicts of their parents and care givers. They soak it up like second hand smoke empathically.

Pets do this too. It easy to take that in when they are so vulnerable and dependent. They feel what their caregivers are feeling .

common categories to clear

Self sabotage

Feeling unwanted at birth

psychic cords attached

non beneficial projections from others

brain balance / learning

allergic reactions to food


aggression / withdrawal

The good news is all blocks can be cleared and neutralized, then the child’s innate body and psyche for health does the healing. Dowsing can help children bounce back so much more than us clunky adults, once the light of the facts shine on their soul !

This is enhanced by dowsing the right frequencies that enhance the good stuff.  Then all the efforts of nutrition and the guidance of discipline and rewards, we honor our children with a healthy non invasive pay off.  – BB

May Tarot Magic

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May 072015

magician-borderThe Magician symbolizes the highest compliment to a man or woman living on the earth at the present time. When this card comes up for you it means you have the ability to “pull a rabbit out of your hat ” and  can create “out of thin air” an object, a situation or a project in your 3d world.

The Magician has a thought ( infinity symbol over his head) and knows how to invoke it’s idea into submission. He takes his wand and raises it above to allow lightning or something like the glow of electrum down through his body. He glows with the light. His left hand points to the earth and grounds him as this energy pulses through him.

His belt is a live serpent holding its own tail creating a belt to secure him into steadfastness. With this power he can manifest cups (emotion and inspiration),  pentacles ( money and financial exchange),  A sword (mental logical and sharp thinking for new ideas), and a wooden staff or rod ( creating enterprise and spiritual growth and fruitage).


This month I am giving a half price Tarot Reading for anyone who wants to see beyond their day to day plan.  May Tarot Magic will give you extra detail and clarity about a given subject.  It also can help reveal any hidden blocks . Once revealed you can bypass unnecessary traumas and have a smoother ride.

Contact me for one hour reading ( reg. 200)

This month, $100.

A half hour (reg $100 )

This month, $65.00.


Avoid Gossip – Avoid War

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Mar 312015
If we say we want peace in the world. if we say we do not wars , are we still holding grudges and character assassinating people in our world, family or community?
Am I a peace maker or the source of someone else’s pain ?
The wounded part of me gets to interrupt the flow of my own healing and growth.
Instead I am redirecting the inner stuff I don’t like about myself focusing on blaming, projecting and assigning wrong motives to others.
Using our tongue influences our own health & physiology. The tongue has been compared to a small rudder of a large ship. It can steer a large person into all kind of small petty directions creating frequencies and vibes that can be toxic. Focus it on healing. Even out of ear shot a person can feel something is wrong when being talked against.
By holding a grudge and back biting people we have gripes about we pull people to get on our side. Its the birth of war.
It feels good to be right with validation…for a while.
Sooner or later though we get to experience being the brunt of and the target for someone else.
Then we realize, Ah! I’m not as grown up as I think I am. The more we focus on creative fulfillments and the joy of doing what we love the less small stuff bothers us. There is less room and time to maintain and nurture perceived slights.
With dowsing and virtual clearing  and the  verbal intentions we can dissipate back stabbing speech aimed at us long distance. ( We have been putting clients under psychic protection with dowsing and virtual signals )
  Tell the people you are involved in a conversation with. . “I am mindful and trying to avoid gossip.”   We also can try for a week to go on a gossip free diet.
This is the beginning of world change and the cessation of war. – BB
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