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We can effect change anywhere you are !

2 Ancestral Mandala

Proud to announce the compilation and merging of ancient energy disciplines of qi gong, acupuncture meridians, dowsing , aroma therapy and herbal essences with state of the art technology software. All of which are sent as virtual frequency signals.

Bill and his staff are working on the mystic principle of quantum physics to send inspiration and heighted quality of life any where in the world virtually. In today’s world of technology this is no longer a theory or a mystery. Its measurable and tangible in the positive healing effects of all matter. Individual and collective GUIDANCE has now become virtual in real time !  Like a digital prayer and a mental intention reality will morph into what you really need.

Much like an unseen cell phone signal can travel instantly and like Google can find information in seconds,  with your permission, we scan in on you and your personal life signature. It only works with your permission.

Using various strengths of frequency signals, we can find your life signature imprint
and help through non- invasive, gentle clearing frequency.

What happens is a resonance that allows your body and emotions to come into balance. The wisdom of your own body and brain does the repair. Your body is the healer. All your organs and thoughts can assimilate & accept healing.

The scan and clearing is in real time and VECS peels off resistant issues without human interference.

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We send you

  • Flower essences or homeopathic remedies
    that work in concert with
  • Non-local direct dowsing, as well as
  • 24 hour software enhancements for your issues

What you can experience

  • Energy boost and vitality
  • Circulation
  • Well-being
  • Decreased anxiety & stress no matter what situation
  • Pain relief
  • Mental clarity
  • Spiritual inspiration

Everything is vibration. All life vibrates. Vibration and frequency when benevolently used can harmonize your life into greater balance. The future is here and its now with Guidance Energy Clearing Systems! The systems enhance stress relief. It strengthens Life Force energy known as Qi. We help emotional balance and can scan your issues at any given hour in real time. This system does not take the place of any medical conditions and procedures  and is not a substitute for needed treatments of any kind. We do not diagnose, cure or heal any medical model of disease or illness.


  • Insomnia/restful sleep
  • Anxiety/stress
  • Mental clarity
  • Mediation with issues
  • House clearing
  • Animal Pet Health
  • Geriatric issues
  • Romance enhancements
  • much, much more..


VECS Whole Life Pricing

Frequency adapter and re-calibration 24/7 around the clock clearing systems that scan and correct what is needed in real time. Bill Bowers dowsing and intuitive direct consultation every week to track and encourage your healing and growth. Weekly print out of how you are doing.

What you really want in life really wants you! This is not the time in your life to be discouraged.

We are grateful to inform that the services provided are undergoing evolution with much more programs almost ready to be announced. Due to the volume of successful effects in helping lives please be patient as we strive to make all upgrades affordable and improved.

Until then contact us to create a custom program just for you and those you love.

New Subscription Packages Coming Soon
Bronze  Intro Program $150.00 per month
Silver Maintain Program $200.00 per month
Gold Premium Program $300.00 per month
*$80.00 early cancellation fee

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