High Level Events for Uplifting Humanity

Experience for yourself the high level of uplifting humanity that Bill Bowers Guidance and his inspirational events can afford you. At this time in history people thirst for meaning, inspiration and encouragement. Who is the individual you and how do you fit in on a community level. This is NOT the time in your life to be discouraged. The joy of self-discovery will never cease and we have developed Bill Bowers Guidance to get you moving on your path in a format that really addresses contemporary human development in a good feeling way. Events provided are:

  • Free Intro Night
  • Evening with Spirit
  • Manifestation Circles
  • Free Diagnostics
  • Private Sessions
  • Dance & Movement

Dowsing Services

Do you find yourself in situations where things seem “stuck?” Do business/job dealings feel stalled or heavy? Do you seem to be dealing with a full spectrum of moods every day? Are you being slowed down or impeded by an emotional block or something from your past? How is your money situation?

The technique of dowsing & frequency work operates on a metaphysical level to scramble and neutralize negative energetic patterns, opening the way for peace and resolution. I frequently dowse to help my clients solve real estate problems, emotional traumas, and negative thinking. Groups of people and organizations can be harmonized. Hidden unseen reasons for things not working can be diagnosed and accurately measured.

The practical applications of dowsing are virtually endless. Professional dowsing clears energy in both inanimate objects and living things, bringing real results to real situations. Learn More About Dowsing >>

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